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Obtaining Security Clearance

Here are some tips to mitigate financial difficulties before you apply for a security clearance or undergo a periodic reinvestigation: Research your financial history, get credit reports from multiple credit bureaus, and ensure you have a clear picture of all delinquent debts, past and present. This will help you when

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As all clearance’s holder’s should know from their initial security briefing, before engaging in outside employment you need to get approval from your security officer or federal agency before starting to ensure the activity is deemed suitable and there is no conflict of interest with what you do regarding your

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The Cold War days of spies using microfilms, dead drops, and disappearing ink are long gone. Now they use cell phones, laptop computers, and remotely injected malware to steal information. As evidenced by stories about hackers and IT security breaches in the news every day, IT technology is a major

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Security Clearance Denial

Those in the military forfeit many personal freedoms that the rest of the civilian population take for granted. Following rules, regulations, and the orders of those appointed over you are an essential part of military discipline and order. All enlistees take  an oath of enlistment which states  “I, (name of

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