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We all know about having to self-report information as a security clearance holder, but what about reporting on another clearance holder? This scenario is played out almost every day:  another individual with whom you work has a security clearance and you become aware of some conduct that could be an

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Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is one of the biggest government civil service and contractor employers after the DoD. Many of the jobs offered by the various DHS components require eligibility for either public trust or national security positions. I compiled a list of the various sites that describe the

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One of the more popular articles we've published at is 'How to Prevent a Vindictive Ex From Tanking Your Security Clearance.' It did so…
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Grumblings from the field about DOD agencies denying contractors access to facilities and/or classified information because their investigations are out of scope has elicited a…
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The adjudicative criteria for review of background investigations conducted for the issuance of the Dod Common Access Card (CAC) is governed by DoD Instruction 5200.46…
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