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Security Clearance Denial

Security clearance applicants should beware of heeding advice that contradicts answering truthfully and providing full disclosure on the SF-86. Ultimately, it is you who will have to answer the mail when it comes out during the course of the investigation process. A defense contractor found this out the hard way

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As noted in a posting by William Henderson on our main site regarding the recent release of Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 4 – National Security Adjudicative Guidelines, a few changes were made to some of the adjudicative definitions and concerns. Guideline H: Drug Involvement and Substance Misuse has some

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Security Clearance Denial

It may be surprising to a lot of people in the United States that Israel is listed by the U.S. Department of State as a…
Security Clearance Process

As an add-on to the article “DSS Looks to push through the Security Clearance Investigations Backlog” posted by Lindy Kyzer on our main site, here are…
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Security Clearance Denial

A contractor employee working for the Department of Energy had his security clearance suspended because he was caught viewing pornography at work on his government…