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Obtaining Security Clearance

Here are some tips to mitigate financial difficulties before you apply for a security clearance or undergo a periodic reinvestigation: Research your financial history, get credit reports from multiple credit bureaus, and ensure you have a clear picture of all delinquent debts, past and present. This will help you when

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Security Clearance Process

Six weeks have passed since the “grand opening” of the new National Background Investigations Bureau that took over from OPM’s Federal Investigative Services, but not a whole lot has changed on the surface except for the new name. In fact, when you compare OPM’s old FIS website to the new NBIB website, it

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Obtaining Security ClearanceSecurity Clearance Denial

Of the 881 security clearance appeals heard by the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals this year, the overwhelming majority of denials involve financial issues.…
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We're happy to announce a brand new blog and discussion board. The new discussion board attempts to eliminate the complexity and just present the essentials…

As all clearance’s holder’s should know from their initial security briefing, before engaging in outside employment you need to get approval from your security officer…