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Obtaining Security Clearance

In February 2010 the U.S. House of Representatives passed their version (HR 2701) of the Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2010.  The Senate passed their version (S.1494) in September 2009.  Hopefully the two versions will be reconciled, passed by Congress, and sent to the President. The House version creates

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Security Clearance Process

A February 17, 2010 article at Government Computer News reported that: “The Homeland Security Department is nearly three years behind in getting Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards for its employees and contractors, according to a new report from DHS Inspector General Richard Skinner.” Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (August 2004),

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Past Security Clearance Posts

Security Clearance Denial

A scientist in the Los Angeles area working for DoD prime contractor Boeing is under investigation for mishandling classified information. "Abraham Lesnik, listed as an…
Security Clearance Jobs

National Public Radio's Marketplace program ran an interesting story recently on how private industry is stepping up to the plate and taking over many intelligence…
Background Investigations

Recently, I received notice from my company Factility Security Officer (FSO) that my security clearance is due for reinvestigation. Even via email and the written…