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Obtaining Security Clearance

While the vast majority of security clearances are processed through the Department of Defense, several government agencies (including the Intelligence Community) run their own investigation processes. While the security clearance adjudicative criteria are standard, federal employment suitability standards differ between agencies, as well as procedures for clearance denial. The State

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One of the more popular articles we’ve published at is ‘How to Prevent a Vindictive Ex From Tanking Your Security Clearance.’ It did so well, we turned it into a popular YouTube video, as well. I don’t want to speculate as to the marriages of the average clearance holder,

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Background Investigations

I’m not aware of any single question on the SF-86 that has been the topic of more debate than Question 21, the Mental Health section of the SF-86. It has received scrutiny from Congress, the US Military, and a host of mental health professionals. In prior versions of the SF-86,

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Security Clearance Process

The real security clearance issue isn’t the backlog (which is upwards of 500,000 pending cases) – it’s the timeliness. That’s what the new director of the National Background Investigation Bureau argued during a talk at the recent Professional Service Council’s Vision Project. “The real relevant number is 40 or 80.

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