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Security Clearance Denial

We all know PTSD is a serious concern for our returning Warfighters and veterans. Some common symptoms associated with PTSD are nightmares, increased anxiety, difficulty remembering or concentrating, mood swings, and reliving traumatic events. PTSD in and of itself is not a disqualifier for eligibility to hold a security clearance

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Background Investigations

One of the components of every background investigation is the National Agency Check (NAC). One of the components of a NAC is the FBI name check. Among the trends that I have seen regarding what checks are most likely to hold up the completion of a background investigation, the top

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Background Investigations

I'm not aware of any single question on the SF-86 that has been the topic of more debate than Question 21, the Mental Health section…
Obtaining Security Clearance

So you applied for and were offered a job that requires you to get a Secret security clearance. What does that mean? What checks are…
Security Clearance Process

The real security clearance issue isn't the backlog (which is upwards of 500,000 pending cases) - it's the timeliness. That's what the new director of…