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Marko Hakamaa
OPM Investigation Billing Rates are a Mystery
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The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released the latest notice for their billing rates for background investigations aligned with the newly implemented 5 Tier background investigation system they incorporated late last year. How they come up with the rates for each type of investigation is a mystery and requires hiring a CPA to decipher.  Here is an example of what they now charge for some of their products: more

Ask Your Clearance Questions – Part 24
Getting/Updating a Clearance
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Our popular ongoing series allows you to ask your most complex questions regarding security clearances and our regular contributors of present and former clearance investigators and adjudicators will try to answer them. The rules are listed below. Failure to abide by them will mean your question will be deleted.

NOTE: Due to the volume of questions we receive, we cannot answer all of them. Selected questions that have not been answered in the past are most likely be answered. more

Marko Hakamaa
Top Issues in 2015 for Security Clearance Denials
Getting/Updating a Clearance
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In 2015 the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) Board held 996 hearings for appeals on adverse security clearance determinations or eligibility for placement into public trust positions. As was the case in the previous year, analysis of the types of issues involved showed that cases with financial and personal conduct issues made up the overwhelming majority. The next two highest categories were drug involvement and foreign influence. Below is a breakdown by adjudicative category of the types of issues presented (Note- some cases had multiple issues): more

Marko Hakamaa
OPM Out – National Investigative Service Agency In?
Cleared News
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Could it be true? For years I have argued to anyone who would listen, that OPM should not have been given responsibility for national security background investigations. As a security professional in various roles over a number of years, I have seen how the government has allowed human resources managers to inject themselves into what was inherently a security responsibility. At the highest levels, HR senior executives made power grabs in order to give themselves more responsibilities for their performance ratings. As a result, what were once effective background investigation processes were turned into paperwork shuffles and a check the block farce. more