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Marko Hakamaa
Selective Service Registration and Security Clearances
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Despite the fact that in today’s high tech society nearly everyone has instant access to a sea of information via the internet, an important requirement for males living in the U.S. is quite often overlooked or discounted.  The Selective Training and Service Act  instituted in 1940, temporarily suspended in 1975, and then reenacted again by President Carter in 1980, and known today as the Military Selective Service Act requires all U.S. males and legal immigrants born January 1, 1960 who are between the ages of 18-26 to register.  According to the Selective Service System, a 2013 survey revealed that 93% of the male population required to register have done so.  That leaves 7% who have not. more

Should Sexual Behavior Be Considered in the Adjudication Process?
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The topic of sex crimes/sexual assault in the military has been all over the news recently. Several high-profile incidents involving service members and sexual assault have brought the topic into the spotlight, with defense leaders going so far as to keep those working in sexual assault prevention off of the DoD furlough list.
Hot Hints for Completing Your SF-86
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Today, clearance veteran William Loveridge offered his insights for tackling the legendary “Standard Form 86” (SF-86)/”electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing” (eQIP).  Among his recommendations?

- Certain things you know are required, so start gathering the info in advance, such as: Employment history Address history Current copy of your credit report more

Drug and Alcohol Use and Your Security Clearance
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If you’re applying for a security clearance and wonder how questions surrounding drug and alcohol use will affect your final decision, the answer is: It depends.

Not all forms of drug and alcohol use are the equal for purposes of a security clearance.   Generally, these behavioral instances aren’t necessarily a per se disqualification; however, they may be indicative of other unbecoming conduct. For example, drug and/or alcohol use are often coupled with other behavioral issues, whether it be criminal (DUI, theft, assault) or non-criminal (defaulting on debts, excessive spending). more