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Marko Hakamaa
Access to Classified Information without a Security Clearance?
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Can individuals access classified national security information without having undergone the background investigation process and been granted a security clearance?  Normally the answer is no, but there are certain instances where the requirement is waived.  Here are some of the exceptions:

The President and members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives do not undergo the normal background investigation process and are not granted security clearances. They may be granted access to classified information relating to matters under the jurisdiction of the respective committees to which they are assigned and if access is needed to perform their duties in connection with such assignments. This does not apply to their staff members, who are required to undergo the investigation and clearance process just like everyone else. more

Forget Background Checks – Try Continuous Monitoring
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The latest step in the wave of security clearance reform is a renewed effort to apply ‘continuous monitoring’ to security-cleared professionals. The 2014 Intelligence Authorization Bill included a provision for ‘continuous evaluation’ – a requirement for agencies to evaluate public records such as credit histories and criminal backgrounds. Such electronic records would reveal information that would otherwise only appear in a periodic reinvestigation or as the result of a cleared professional self-reporting an issue. more

Should Sexual Behavior Be Considered in the Adjudication Process?
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The topic of sex crimes/sexual assault in the military has been all over the news recently. Several high-profile incidents involving service members and sexual assault have brought the topic into the spotlight, with defense leaders going so far as to keep those working in sexual assault prevention off of the DoD furlough list.
Top Reasons for a Clearance Request to Be Sent Back to a Security Officer
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Failure to pay attention to detail seems to top the list of reasons for applications to be denied, with issues of missing or incomplete information taking up the majority of the top 20 issues.