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Should Sexual Behavior Be Considered in the Adjudication Process?
Cleared News
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The topic of sex crimes/sexual assault in the military has been all over the news recently. Several high-profile incidents involving service members and sexual assault have brought the topic into the spotlight, with defense leaders going so far as to keep those working in sexual assault prevention off of the DoD furlough list.
Top Reasons for a Clearance Request to Be Sent Back to a Security Officer
Getting/Updating a Clearance
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Failure to pay attention to detail seems to top the list of reasons for applications to be denied, with issues of missing or incomplete information taking up the majority of the top 20 issues.
Constitutional Rights and Clearances
Getting/Updating a Clearance
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Earlier today I wrote about the case of Mahmoud Hegab, a Virginia man who sued the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and its Director for revoking his top secret clearance.

The agency maintains it had significant concerns about his clearance, such as his

  • recent residence in, and dual citizenship with, Egypt;
  • extensive contact with foreign nationals, many living outside the U.S.; and
  • his holding of an Egyptian passport that would require contact with Egyptian officials to renounce his citizenship and turn in his passport, thus increasing the potential he would be monitored by foreign intelligence services, etc.

But after his marriage to Bushra Nusairat, a graduate of the Islamic Saudi Academy, it seems their fears heightened.   The Islamic Saudi Academy is located in Fairfax County, Va. and is funded by the Saudi government-funded.  (You can read more about her activities that raised eyebrows with the agency here.) more

TS SCI: It’s kind of a big deal…
Clearance Jobs
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Do you have a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS SCI) clearance?  According to Wanted Analytics, this high-level distinction is one of the top five most advertised certifications/clearances nationally and ranks #1 for information technology jobs.

In terms of what jobs and where, if you have a TS SCI let’s hope you love IT and the West Coast (or Texas).  These factors seem to describe most of the job ads out there. more