Ask Your Clearance Questions - Part 2
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Ask Your Clearance Questions – Part 2
Getting/Updating a Clearance, investigations

The previous thread devoted to questions and answers regarding security clearances received 100+ comments and got full quick. Here’s another empty thread to post in.

  1. Jen:
    The only reason I can think of for readjudicating an SSBI is when the original clearance did not involve SCI eligibility and the new one does. Are you being considered for SCI eligibility?

    When an investigation is readjudicated for SCI eligibility, they use the existing investigation and do not initiate any new investigative action. Also when an investigation is readjudicated, they aren’t suppose to ask for a new SF86.

    You seem to have a good explanation for why the debt is delinquent, but you need to get it paid off as soon as possible, to avoid any serious negative effect from it.

    Please use “Ask Your Clearance Questions–Part 5″ for any follow up posts.

  2. I just got hire for federal job with a secret clearance
    but my house is going to be foreclosed on soon. Will that effect my clearance?

  3. Troubled:
    Any financial problem can have an adverse impact on a security clearance. The most important thing is whether you owe the mortgage company any money after the foreclosure and how you handle that debt.

  4. I’m currently a college sophomore applying for a clearance for an internship in the summer of 2009.

    Would sharing an apartment with an Indian born permanent resident be a disqualifier? Will it raise eyebrows.

  5. Tom:
    Your non-US citizen apartment sharer should not be a problem for a clearance, unless your relationship involves obligation, affection, or loyalty or you live in a spouse-like relationship.